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Daily Budget
You can survive in Ecuador with:
Low-budget: from US$15
Mid-budget: from US$30 to US$60
High-budget: from US$100 and upwards

Food Budget
You can get a good meal in a good restaurant for an average price between US$5 to US$7. Still you can find good quality meals for lower prices but then you may sacrifice comfort. Nevertheless you may find some places where you can get a complete meal between US$3 to US$5. Of course, there is the luxury stile, fancy restaurants may charge US$15 and upwards for a meal.

Lodging Budget
There is a great variety of hotels and hostels in the Country which means that there is a great variety of prices too. You can find surprisingly clean and comfortable places for a range of prices between the US$5 and US$15, however, price may be a good warranty at the moment of choosing a place with all the necessary services. Most of the good hotels are between US$15 to US$70. This places have better facilities and comfort is assured. You will find also top-end hotels from US$70 and upwards.

Transportation Budget
Maybe transport is the cheapest service in Ecuador. A bus ride will cost US$0.20 and a taxi ride will cost between US$1 to US$5.

Ecuador Taxes
For any purchase you make there is a 12 tax. In hotels and restaurants there is 12% tax to your bill, and another 10% for service charge. For any purchase you make, always ask for a “factura” or invoice, that guarantee your purchase and the payment of taxes.

Tourist guides, porters, waiters and other people related to the tourist industry will expect a tip from you, but taxi drivers wont.
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